Student Questions

In February/March 2021, we asked our students four questions:

1. Tell me about your learning

2.  Why is it important?

3. How are you doing with your learning?

4. Where are you going next with your learning?


Primary and Intermediate students were asked the above questions during their outside break times.  Answers were recorded and collated.

The student responses varied widely.  Many of the answers were very basic and focus on topics.  For example for  "Tell me about your learning", students often repliled with "We are learning about Arctic Foxes."  When asked the question "Why is it important?", several students responded "I don't know."

This makes us curious about our learners and their ability to make connections between what they are learning and the big, overarching ideas.  While we recognize these student responses provide just a snapshot, we wonder about how we can support our students with making connections in their learning and communicating about their learning.

Updated: Thursday, December 2, 2021