McKinney Staff Reflects on Student Surveys-June 2019

Staff spent a portion of the Pro D Day in June 2019, looking at and reflecting on our student surveys completed earlier in the month.  Staff members worked in small groups with a portion of the surveys.  They read through them, discussed them and recorded some of their reflections on chart paper.

Some of the observations were as follows:

•students are showing a growing emotional vocabulary

•many students could identify someone that could help them when they are upset (e.g. parent, teacher, friend, etc.)

•students could often name a couple of strategies they could use to calm down when upset

•students often focused on deep breathing as the main strategies used

•while students can often tell you about the strategies they should use to calm down, they often have difficulty using these strategies independently

•students would benefit from continued practice in using these strategies

Updated: Thursday, December 2, 2021