What does it mean to be a SOARing McKinney Eagle?

In December we met in our SOAR teams in the gym. Led by our area counsellor, Mrs. Hsu we played a jeopardy game that featured our SOAR principles. 

Next we had students in their SOAR teams write out what they notice that a student at McKinney would typically do in various locations such as the: library, computer lab, gym, classroom, outside at recess, during lunch and situations like that. Each student wrote this on one eagle feather. Those eagle feathers were then all put onto the giant eagle in our hallway. Students then followed up what they noticed with a statement related to our SOAR matrix such as: Students at McKinney Take Ownership of their Actions. 

Finally we chose one student from each SOAR team to be recorded saying their "what does it mean to be a SOARing eagle" at McKinney. We then took all of these videos and compiled them into one video. We will be sharing this video at our next sharing assembly. 

Updated: Thursday, December 2, 2021