McKinney PAC needs help from all parents

McKinney PAC has been working in the background helping create a new playground at the school, coordinate fundraisers and activities in support of all children at McKinney. However, the PAC now needs support from the parents more than ever before.

The McKinney PAC is now at a stage where our current Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary must step down by the end of the school year. It is critical to McKinney PAC's survival that positions be filled by the May AGM. We need new parent volunteers to help fill these positions to keep the McKinney PAC going. The duties are simple and you can contact the current Chair or Vice-Chair at ( for more information. The PAC board near the office also has a sheet that describes the duties.

McKinney PAC can not continue to run and will dissolve by the end of the school year if these positions are not filled by the AGM. This will mean less support for all children at McKinney in the future.